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  • Ease & Convenience

    As I sit here this morning, struggling with writer’s block, a seemingly innocent thought crossed my mind; why am I doing this, and why is it so difficult? While I sipped my coffeesomething quite profound did come to me. It’s quite simple as the most profound things tend to be. If you want to be the best in your field... If you wantsuccess... If you want what few others have achieved... You can’t also want that to be easy and convenient. ....

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  • How to Be a Good Parent at Your Child’s Sport Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Knowing Your Role

    How to Be a Good Parent at Your Child’s Sport Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Knowing Your Role

    It’s been said that there is no guide to being a parent. While true there are lots of available resources from which to draw inspiration. Please allow me to present my step-by-step guide to helping your child get the most out of their extracurricular activity. Step 1 – Bring Them to Practice This seems simple, but so many parents have a difficult time getting their child to attend their practices or classes. “I don’t want to go,” their child says. “It’s too hard,” they say. And then...too often mom and dad not wanting to “force” their child to do anything give in and allow the child to stay home. ....

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  • New Year. New You. Yeah Right.

    New Year. New You. Yeah Right.

    Here we go again. Every January millions of Americans decided that this is the year. This is the year that they get fit. This is the year that they put the screens down. This is the year that they spend more time as a family. This is the year... ...Until February. But what if it were the year? What if this year were different from all of the previous years? The problem with New Year resolutions is that each year we make the same wish list and then use the same methods to obtain them and then get the same results. That is literally the definition of insanity. You see, the problem ....

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  • New School Year = New Routine

    New School Year = New Routine

    It seems like only yesterday children were leaving their schools for the last time off to enjoy everything that summer has to offer. Now, after a short 11 weeks they are all dressed in their new clothes, sporting their new haircuts, and posing for the dreaded 1 st -day pictures for Mom’s Facebook friends. Yes, back to school time is upon us. Make no mistake the next several weeks are full of uncertainty for everyone: students, teachers, parents, coaches, etc. All of us must adjust to a new routine, new people, and new expectations. This is a difficult process and one that most parents are trying desperately to make simpler. Unfortunately most parents do this in the most difficult ....

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  • Let's Talk Tournaments

    Before you begin, this one is going to be a longer one, but stick around until the end for my exciting and expertly written top five lists. Why top five? Because I’m only half as good as Letterman, and I’ve just vomited in my mouth for the “exciting and expertly written” thing. Anyway, here you go. As long as I can remember I have been competitive. When you are one of four children growing up in a one-bathroom house with a really small water heater you naturally will become so. Then you must remember that we didn’t have internet or streaming services, or our own television set in our room. We had one tv in the family room that we had to gain control of by ....

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  • Lessons from the Field and the Mat

    Lessons from the Field and the Mat

    Those of you who know me know that I am a HUGE Tennessee Titans fan. From the day Bud Adams announced that his team, the Houston Oilers, was moving to Tennessee I’ve been on board. I’ve worn their apparel, watched every game on television, travelled to countless games to support the team in person, driven to numerous cities to meet players and get autographs, and transformed my garage into a Titans man cave. I love my team! What you may not know is that the Titans experienced great success in their first five years in Nashville winning 56 games while losing only 24. The Coliseum didn’t witness a loss in over two seasons. The Titans went to the playoffs four out of ....

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  • The Real Value of Martial Arts Training...a 2019 Reflection

    The Real Value of Martial Arts Training...a 2019 Reflection

    Here we are at the end of 2019, and I am as most people at this time of year in a state of reflection. In many ways 2019 has reminded me of the reasons I love martial arts training so very much. Training in martial arts is inherently enjoyable. Kicking, punching, sparring, grappling, and sweating in every class is one of the most fun activities that I’ve ever experienced. However, we all know that the benefits of martial arts training extend far beyond the mat. This year has been for me very much like a UFC fight. Imagine if you will a fighter who has trained for years for this moment. His training has been intense sharpening his skills to take on whatever he will encounter in the ....

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  • Who Want's to Go to Disney!?!

    Who Want's to Go to Disney!?!

    Going to Walt Disney World sucks! I know that I just lost half of you, but please hear me out. For most of us a trip to Disney begins 18 months in advance sometimes even earlier. You’re sitting on the couch with your spouse after a long day catching up on all of the memes and political bickering Facebook has to offer. Your child is watching the latest Disney Channel preteen drama/pseudo-comedy on t.v. when a commercial comes on for Walt Disney World. It partially catches your attention as pleasant memories of trips long-past flood into your mind. Then you have a brief moment of panic and share a fearful look with your spouse as your child says, “I want to go to Disney ....

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  • A Parent's Role

    A Parent's Role

    Today’s parents are soft. “Ouch! Right out of the gate Mr. C?” I’m sorry, but after two decades working with parents and as a parent myself I know this to be true. When I was a kid we rode bikes up to 20 miles away without helmets, or knee and elbow pads. We built tree houses and forts with booby traps to hurt our friends. We got stitches regularly. One kid in our friend group was wearing a cast at all times. We played video games that could not be “beaten.” They simply got tougher or faster until you inevitably died. We weren’t just disciplined. We were often hit with whatever the nearest wieldable object was whether it be a wooden spoon, ....

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  • "Transformation Does Not Tolerate Mediocrity"

    "Transformation Does Not Tolerate Mediocrity"

    0 0 1 628 3581 Church's Taekwondo America 29 8 4201 14.0 96 800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE I remember the first time my eyes gazed upon this statement. I was sitting in a room with around 100 other people at 7:30 in the morning. Although we were all tired from the ....

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