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A Yellow Belt's Blessing

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A Yellow Belt's Blessing

This was recently written by one of our yellow belt adults. I wanted to share it with you so that you can see our program from a slightly different perspective.


I am thankful that the mat is soft;

That my muscles are getting stronger;

And that I may hold onto the wall for 3 more years when we do slow-mo sidekicks.


I am thankful for the tenets that get me through the day;

For the camaraderie of fellow students;

And for the much needed encouragement of instructors and senior students.


I am thankful for the contagious humor of Mr. & Mrs. Church;

For the fastest hour of my day (TA Class);

And for ice and ibuprofen


I am thankful that my children and I enjoy this amazing, tradition rich sport;

For the support of awesome role models when challenges arise;

And that we will continue to have fun and make wonderful memories.


Thank you, Taekwondo America

Proud to bring family friendly martial arts to Maryville!

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