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Unlike my normal long-winded (Wait. I’m not talking. Long-typed? Long-worded? I don’t know.) blogs this entry is going to be short and sweet. Again I want to start with a question or two. Are you growing? What steps are you currently taking to improve?


I am currently sitting in a busy hotel lobby in Orlando, FL. As I watch families anxiously getting ready to visit the parks again still exhausted from the day before I am typing away at my computer also exhausted from the day before.   While these families were living it up on their dream vacation I was sitting in a hotel conference room for hours and learning new business skills from the best and brightest martial arts minds in the world. I’ll be back in that same hotel conference room today for more long hours tediously scribbling notes and trying to grasp new concepts and ideas. Then tomorrow at the airport and on the plane I will begin the process of unpacking everything that I learned so that it can be useful.


Why? Why would I leave my family in Tennessee to come to the most popular family destination in the world just to subject myself to hours in a dimly lit stuffy conference room? The answer is simple; I need to grow. After 12 years in business I am still learning, adapting, and improving. It’s the same reason I still do martial arts after 23 years. Every time I step on the mat I learn a new skill, improve an old skill, or grow.


So what are you doing to grow? Are you training at home? Are you watching the curriculum videos? Are you taking that class that will lead to a promotion? Are you reading parenting books? Are you seeking more knowledge?  If not then start. Start now! Stop reading this and get going. No, seriously. Why are are you still reading this. Now if you are already doing these things then get to putting your knowledge into action. Knowledge without action is useless. Utterly and completely useless. Get to work! 

Proud to bring family friendly martial arts to Maryville!

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