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What Could Taekwondo Do For You?

The modern Olympic sport of Taekwondo, originated in Korea from an ancient form of martial art. Boasting more than 2000 years of history, it has become an increasingly popular mental and physical discipline that today, is practiced by people of all ages, shapes and sizes, the world over. While many associate martial arts purely with […]

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4 Reasons Why Martial Arts Are Great For Kids

We all love our kids and we want what is best for them, right? Sometimes the most important life lessons can be the most difficult to teach.  Maybe you have a child who is struggling with self confidence or maybe your child is acting out at school.  Maybe you’re struggling to get your child to […]

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Is Taekwondo The Right Sport For My Child?

We all know that regular exercise is beneficial for our kids, and for a whole host of different reasons: helping them keep fit and healthy, enabling them to interact positively with other children and teaching them about winning, losing and participating as part of a team. With so many different sports available to kids these […]

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