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Church's Taekwondo America

We are a family oriented Taekwondo gym that takes pride in providing the Maryville community with exciting, enjoyable training no matter your age or your experience level. We strongly believe in the values Martial Arts training can offer you and your children and we can’t wait for you to see everything we have to offer. From preschoolers to adults and everything in between, we simply have the best classes around. Improve your health and develop a vital set of self-defense skills today! To get started or to learn more about that many classes we have to offer here at Church’s Taekwondo America, just fill out the short form on your screen and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

Our Family Friendly Environment

We built Church’s Taekwondo America to be a family friendly gym where the community can come together to train. Our students grow close in their classes and rely on each other for support, encouragement, and collaboration on a daily basis


Our Core Values

We believe strongly in the life skills that Taekwondo can instill in young children, teenagers, and even adults! Within each of our classes, we promote values like respect, self-discipline, and communication as pillars toward success.


Our Mission

We aim to provide Maryville with the highest quality Martial Arts instruction possible. We invite students of all ages and experience levels to enjoy an individualized approach to training on the path to better fitness and improved health.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a clean, safe, and reliable place to train day in and day out. Our classes consistently offer comprehensive instruction and we take pride in providing you with a welcoming environment where you can be successful.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts  in Maryville - Church's Taekwondo America

Teen Martial Arts

Teen Martial Arts  in Maryville - Church's Taekwondo America

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts in Maryville - Church's Taekwondo America

Meet our Instructors

Jen E. , Church's Taekwondo America testimonialS

We are still new to the Church's Taekwondo Family but so far I am very pleased with the team they have in place. All of the instructors show such a great level of care and attention all the students. We hadn't been there but a few days when Mr. Church and his team were greeting my boys by name as .... Read more

Jen E.

Tina C. , Church's Taekwondo America testimonialS

Our son needed focus and discipline in his extracurricular activities. Mr. Church and his staff have done an amazing job with him. He has been taking since July and loves going, still wants to go everyday if we would let him or could! Thank you David, Shea, and Hunter for all you do for the kids .... Read more

Tina C.

Autumn R. , Church's Taekwondo America testimonialS

This place is wonderful my son has been attending since he was 5 they will teach your children to be honorable, respectful, patience to be mature and to accept responsibility for their actions and that life is not about receiving a trophy for participation it is about earning it and working hard .... Read more

Autumn R.

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