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Jen E. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

We are still new to the Church's Taekwondo Family but so far I am very pleased with the team they have in place. All of the instructors show such a great level of care and attention all the students. We hadn't been there but a few days when Mr. Church and his team were greeting my boys by name as they walked in the front door for class. It has been a rough year for my boys and The Church Team has given them positive outlet for learning discipline, respect and just having fun. Thank you for being a good role model for my boys Mr. Church!

Jen E.

Tina C. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

Our son needed focus and discipline in his extracurricular activities. Mr. Church and his staff have done an amazing job with him. He has been taking since July and loves going, still wants to go everyday if we would let him or could! Thank you David, Shea, and Hunter for all you do for the kids of your school!

Tina C.

Autumn R. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

This place is wonderful my son has been attending since he was 5 they will teach your children to be honorable, respectful, patience to be mature and to accept responsibility for their actions and that life is not about receiving a trophy for participation it is about earning it and working hard for it

Autumn R.

Erin H. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

We have been at Church's Taekwondo for four years and absolutely LOVE it! Mr. and Mrs. Church are fantastic people with a real heart for helping kids to succeed in their Tae Kwon Do endeavors. I highly recommend giving them a try!!

Erin H.

Marcus S. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

Best thing that has happened for my daughter!! She absolutely loves going to class and her self confidence is higher than ever thanks to this school and Mr. & Mrs. Church!

Marcus S.

Melinda S. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

I love Church's Taekwondo America. The instructors are an amazing group of people. Kids are made to feel important and cared for while learning valuable life skills.

Melinda S.

Rebecca E. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

I was really skeptical about the fruit this extracurricular would yield for my two boys, ages 7 and 9. Mr Church and his instructors do a great job of inspiring and motivating their students. I'm really happy to see my boys eager to learn an art and continually improving. There are many options for martial arts, but I am satisfied with our choice of TKA and the way they invest in each student.

Rebecca E.

Kaila S. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

My son has excelled since we joined the program 7 months ago. Aside from helping him achieve behavioral milestones, the staff has helped him seek his own independence and confidence. I definitely recommend this program.

Kaila S.

Donna C. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

A great place to learn so much more than TaeKwonDo! I am impressed at the quality of teaching at David Church's TaeKwonDo. Positive peer group and plenty of 1:1 help if needed. Plus my son is learning the additional life skills of attention, respect and self-control. If you are looking for a martial arts school, you will not find any better.

Donna C.

Amanda A. , Church's Taekwondo America Testimonials

This program has been so good for our son. He was having so much fun that my husband and I decided to join too:) Mr. and Mrs. Church are wonderful, and all of the staff and students are so friendly and willing to help.

Amanda A.

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