Is Taekwondo The Right Sport For My Child?

We all know that regular exercise is beneficial for our kids, and for a whole host of different reasons: helping them keep fit and healthy, enabling them to interact positively with other children and teaching them about winning, losing and participating as part of a team. With so many different sports available to kids these days – in sports centers and schools all over the country – there really is no excuse for not getting them involved in some form of exercise.

Martial arts are becoming increasingly popular with young people, and classes are popping up all over the country. Many parents feel that this form of exercise is particularly effective at teaching their kids to be disciplined and stay focused, without meaning that they have to be part of a team; something that not all kids enjoy.

Taekwondo originated in Korea, and is in fact, their national sport. It has become an increasingly popular choice of martial arts discipline among parents wanting to involve their kids in a less traditional form of exercise. Just as with karate, the sport is based upon two people using their hands and feet to attack an adversary (or opponent), or to defend themselves from attack.

What is the main concept of Taekwondo?

As with many martial arts disciplines, a belt system is used to enable combatants to attain goals and make their way up through the rankings, this being the main concept of the sport.

Six belt colors are used: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black, and between the belts tags and stripes can be earned to show that combatants are halfway to achieving a particular color of belt.

While Taekwondo is about gaining physical strength, it’s also about training the mind and spirit.

In what ways can my child benefit from learning Taekwondo?

  • Your child will gain confidence and a sense of self-fulfillment: As your child learns, becomes stronger and makes their way up through the belt rankings, they will begin to grow in confidence and really feel as if they have accomplished something; increasing their self-esteem and giving them a sense of self fulfillment.
  • Your child will become physically fitter: While martial arts disciplines like Taekwondo may not look as physically challenging as some other sports, such as soccer, football or swimming, they do focus on developing a child’s strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina and they will certainly become fitter if taking regular classes.
  • Your child will become mentally fitter: Taekwondo teaches children to train their minds to focus intensely on their actions, and encourages them to gain reasoning skills that they can carry with them into other areas of their life, as well as enabling them to concentrate better.

Their physical strength becomes united with their mental strength, and with both combined and working in unison, your child could go on to reach heights you’d never imagined, both in their personal lives and academically.

  • Your child will learn self-defense skills: Of course as a parent, you don’t want to imagine your child caught up in a frightening situation where they may have to physically defend themselves, but should the unthinkable ever happen, your child will be far better equipped to deal with the situation.
  • Your child will interact positively with other children: While not being a team sport, your child will still need to interact closely with the other members of the class, and with a common interest, they will quickly make friends and learn how to interact positively with each other.
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